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Dear FWPThemes user,
YOOtheme templates are a bit harder to set for beginners.
When you install a YOOtheme template it will look distorted. But don’t worry, we will present the tutorial below to help you set this style of themes:

Setup a YOOtheme Template

This tutorial gives you a brief overview of the general WordPress and Warp framework setup.


Setting up a Warp theme follows the standard WordPress installation procedure and works like with any other theme.

  1. Download WordPress from the WordPress website.
  2. Setup a new WordPress install.
  3. Install and activate your theme.

For more information, take a look at the official WordPress documentation.

Setup a demo package

A demo package is a full WordPress installation, which includes the theme and sample data responsible for the layout and setup of our demo. This is great, if you don’t want to start from scratch or just to have a peek at how everything is put together.


If the installation does not work and you get an error message, you might want to try installing the theme manually.

  1. Extract the theme .zip file to a directory on your PC.
  2. Using FTP, upload the theme directory to the /wp-content/themes folder on your webserver.
  3. Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress administration and the new theme will appear in the overview of installed themes.
  4. Hit Activate to activate the newly installed theme.

You can find further guidance on troubleshooting and PHP problems in the Installation issues article.

Setup the menus

First of all, you need to create a new menu and add your menu items. For detailed instructions, see the WordPress documentation. Select your menu in the box Theme Locations on the left and hit Save to assign it as the main navigation of your site.

Widget in menu position

You can also publish any widget in the menu position. The widget name is used as menu item and the widget content appears in the dropdown.

Menu styles

There are three different menu styles, the Mega dropdown menu as a main menu, the Accordion menu in sidebars and the Line menu in the toolbar or footer. Warp automatically styles the menu according the position it is published in.

Setup the logo

Setting up the logo in WordPress is pretty straightforward. Just create a Text widget in the Logo position. Now you can edit your widget and enter your markup.

For example use following code:

<img src="wp-content/uploads/logo.png" width="200" height="50" alt="logo" />

Warp 7 also provides the logo-small position, where you can display an alternative logo image for smaller viewport sizes.

NOTE If the logo image is not visible on all pages, just add a leading slash before the image path, e.g.: /wp-content/uploads/logo.png.